Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICAO’s Next Generation of Aviation Professional (NGAP) Programme?

NGAP issues are of immediate interest to many stakeholders: States, industry, higher education institutions and others. Attracting, educating and retaining the next generation of aviation professionals involves working with national and international bodies responsible for education and labour. In order to promote and gain leverage for NGAP among all stakeholders, ICAO launched an NGAP initiative in 2009. Due to the importance of NGAP issues, ICAO has determined that it is critical to provide greater support to this work and, as a result, has elevated the NGAP initiative to an ICAO NGAP Programme.

The vision of the NGAP Programme is to have a global aviation community that has sufficient competent human resources to support a safe, secure and sustainable air transportation system. The NGAP Programme was established to:

  • engage with UN organizations and government bodies (including the aviation community and education sectors) to promote activities that support the future of aviation personnel needs;
  • work with universities and industry to identify and implement effective strategies to adequately prepare the next generation of aviation professionals; establish aviation as a desirable career choice of the future; and attract high quality students in the necessary numbers to meet the industry’s future needs;
  • interact with the research community to develop solutions to address current and future global aviation challenges and to support aviation planning and development; and
  • develop tools and provisions for ICAO Member States and the international civil aviation community that will assist them in implementing effective strategies to attract, educate and retain the next generation of civil aviation professionals.

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